Overcoming procrastination


All our actions, everything we do, make, create, say, move towards or away from, follows a sequence of stages known as the ACTION SPIRAL.

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We move through the stages as if we're following a spiral. It's not a closed cycle, because each time you complete an action, you move forward in time - you are no longer who, what or where you were. Your body, mind, heart and soul has more experience of life - and you're older!

We learn to move through the stages of the Action Spiral as we develop, as children. We're led by our instincts, we're taught by our families, and we observe other people and how they navigate each stage (or don't).

Here's a simple example of how it works.

You notice you're feeling hungry....
You think about what you'd like to eat, and you go to the fridge or cupboard to check out all the possible alternatives....
You decide to make a sandwich. You take out some ham and butter, and find the bread. You make the sandwich. You eat the sandwich. Maybe you have a yoghurt as well. And some juice....
You notice your feeling of hunger has gone. You stop eating....
You sit back for a moment, letting yourself digest the sandwich, and your mind drifts to what you want to do next....

So - we all know we can go round the Spiral effectively many times in our daily lives. But sometimes - we PROCRASTINATE. And that means that we put off going through the next stage of whatever we need or want to do. And that's where the problems start....

And most people think that procrastination is all about putting off DOING things - but notice that you can put off PAUSING - taking time out, resting, relaxing, reflecting - just as easily. This can lead to exhaustion. When was the last morning you woke up feeling really refreshed? Maybe time for some time out?

Understanding the Action Spiral can help you pinpoint where you have got stuck through procrastinating. This kind of awareness can be the first step in getting yourself moving again.

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