Overcoming procrastination



Do you put things off?

Do you often think...."I'll do that tomorrow" - even when
The Thing you need or want to do is quite straightforward?

Nearly all of us procrastinate at one time or another. At best, it's a frustrating habit. At worst, putting things off can ruin your dreams, and can cause stress, anxiety, depression, health difficulties, accidents, and problems with your friends and family. And if you live or work with someone else who does it, it can be equally hard.

The author, Andrea Perry, is an experienced therapist and consultant who recognises that if people could "Just get on with it!" - they probably would. Her two books, "Isn't It About Time? How to stop putting things off and get on with your life" and "The Little Book of Procrastination" are full of insight and practical suggestions, and have received wide praise and media coverage in the UK and the USA. She is a member of the Procrastination Research Group, the international network of researchers and therapists doing cutting edge work exclusively in this field.

Overcomingprocrastination.net draws on Andrea's innovative work in psychotherapy, career and debt counselling, with university students, creative writers, lawyers, helping professionals, career coaches, and people from every walk of life who are struggling to overcome their habit of putting things off. The site offers links to other key players in this area and a huge range of ways to overcome procrastination and move forward.

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